Reframing Citriculture: Better Connections for Future


Cukurova University Balcalı Campus, which was established on 20 thousands decare terrain in east coast of Seyhan Dam Lake, is a natural park land due to its admirable view. The university, which is only 10 km far from city center, is among major universities of our country due to its modern substructure and modern facilities meeting every requirement of its student and staff. At the present time, Cukurova University offers studies to highly educated and qualified individuals via 18 Faculties, 4 Colleges, 12 Vocational Schools, 1 State Conservatory and 4 Institutions. The variety researches and scientific events that our country needs are being maintained in 35 Research and Application Centers. As of September 2018, 2,265 Academic Personnel, 14,762 in associate degree, 33,462 in undergraduate and 7,209 graduate students, are working in the education and training of 55,433 registered students.