Reframing Citriculture: Better Connections for Future


The National Citrus Council is an umbrella organization which is established in 2007 that is composed of representatives of agriculture, trade, industrialists, producers and merchant groups.

The National Citrus Council conducts research and analysis on products at a national and international level, develops strategies according to developments related to citrus, and shares information with members and relevant institutions for the implementation of these decisions.

The National Citrus Council has been preparing for the 14th International Citrus Congress, which will be held in Turkey for the first time. Meanwhile, the NCC is working to keep balance of citrus supply demand equilibrium, improving product quality to compete in domestic and foreign markets, providing conformant products to the market, increasing marketing power of citrus and citrus products, taking steps for continuity, profitability, trade, consumption and standardization of citrus industry and reconciliation of sector’s all parties on specifying national policies.