Reframing Citriculture: Better Connections for Future

Abstract Submission Categories

During submission of the abstracts, one session in the sections below should be selected for each abstract by the authors/presenters.

Sub-section 1: Germplasm, Phylogenetics, Varieties, Rootstocks and Breeding
Session 1. Citrus germplasm and phylogenetics
Session 2. Varieties
Session 3. Rootstocks
Session 4. Breeding

Sub-section 2: Genetics, Genomics and Biotechnology
Session 5. Citrus genetics and genomics
Session 6. Biotechnology

Sub-section 3: Physiology, Abiotic Stresses and Cultural Practices
Session 7. Physiology
Session 8. Abiotic stress
Session 9. Cultural practices

Sub-section 4: Harvest, Postharvest Physiology, Pathology and Processing
Session 10. Harvest and handling
Session 11. Postharvest physiology and pathology
Session 12. Processing
Session 13. Citrus and Health

Sub-section 5: Bacterial, Fungal, Virus, Virus-Like Diseases and their control
Session 14. Citrus HLB and other bacterial diseases
Session 15. Virus and virus like diseases
Session 16. Fungal diseases

Sub-section 6: Citrus Insect Pests and their Control
Session 17. Entomology and pest control
Session 18. Fruit flies

Sub-section 7: Nutrition, Irrigation and Mechanizations
Session 19. Nutrition and Irrigation
Session 20. Mechanizations

Sub-section 8: Economy, Trade
Session 21. Citrus economy and trade
Session 22. Marketing Policies